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Tateyama Snow Wall end of August 2019/3/13 20:26

Appreciate the help. We would love to visit the snow/wall corridor Tateyama at the end of August 2019. Is it open and what kind of transport can we take? thanks
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Re: Tateyama Snow Wall end of August 2019/3/14 08:11
Snow has an unhealthy tendency to melt:

Below or says thathin Murodo, where the temperatures are 12 to 15 degrees lower than the plains below, plenty of snow often remains into July. You can enjoy walking on, and playing with, the snow.h So unless this year is exceptional no snowwall at end of August.


If you still want to go this page explains transport: https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e7550.html#section_get_there

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: Tateyama Snow Wall end of August 2019/3/14 08:45
At this time - there will be no snow corridor. It's the end of summer!!
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Re: Tateyama Snow Wall end of August 2019/3/14 19:31
Also want to note in addition to the other answers that the height and melting time of the snow wall depend on how much snowfall there is in a given year. I went one year where the snowfall wasn't great, and even in April (I think it was, or March... it was early in the season anyway!), it wasn't all that high or impressive. That year there's no way it lasted even until July! Maybe one year you might get lucky and get really heavy snowfall which miiiiiiiiiiight last until August... but it wouldn't be impressive at all as it would still be mostly melted even then.
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