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Restaurant booking in Tokyo 2019/3/13 21:43

I am trying to book a table at a restaurant for two people (my mom & I) on my birthday in Tokyo.

I called the restaurant Inshotei, but they do not speak English. I also tried calling my hotel, but they told me they cannot make restaurant reservations.

Is there any other way I can book a table at Inshotei? I am running out of ideas and would like to secure the table as it is for my birthday.

Or does anyone have some short sentences in Japanese that I can learn to book the table?

Thank you!
by Laura (guest)  

Re: Restaurant booking in Tokyo 2019/3/14 08:28
- use google translate with a very simple English sentence
- Go to the restaurant a few days earlier in person and make it in person
- ask again at the reception of your hotel ( I am a bit surprised that they wonft do it)

For sure there are other ideas out there as well.

Enjoy your birthday party!
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Re: Restaurant booking in Tokyo 2019/3/14 08:44
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Re: Restaurant booking in Tokyo 2019/3/15 00:22
Yes, thank you, that is the restaurant! Unfortunately it is booked out until mid-April, I suppose I wasnet quick enough in deciding.
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