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Hokuriku Arch Pass 2019/3/15 17:06

If travel from Tokyo to Kyoto & Nara using Hokuriku Arch Pass, when search train on hyperdia, under "search parameters" which box shouldn't tick? wish to make sure select the right train that covered under this pass. Thanks!
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Re: Hokuriku Arch Pass 2019/3/16 07:28
You should't tick:
- Private Railway
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Re: Hokuriku Arch Pass 2019/3/16 08:51
Are you stopping somewhere along the way? If not, you will probably either need to search for trains to an intermediate point (such as Toyama or Kanazawa) and then from there to Kyoto etc. or put one of those places in the "Pass1" box, otherwise, if you just search for 'Tokyo -> Kyoto', HyperDia will probably just default to trains along the Tokaido Shinkansen line (via Nagoya).
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Re: Hokuriku Arch Pass 2019/3/17 04:50
Are you visiting Nagano, Toyama, and or Kanazawa on the way? Are you going back to Tokyo at the end?

Arch pass is a long detour that is not worth the small savings if you are just going Tokyo to Kyoto and back. Also if you are just going one way it will probably not pay off.
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Re: Hokuriku Arch Pass 2019/3/17 13:22
Hi thanks for all yr reply!

Have 3 days outside Tokyo around 12/4, exploring places to go. Thot to go Kyoto Nara then back Tokyo.

Then next 2 day will be on my own traveling around so if using the same pass will be more cost effective.

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Re: Hokuriku Arch Pass 2019/3/17 14:17
The Arch pass requires that you travel between Kyoto and Tokyo through Kanazawa. It was designed for people that want to visit that area from either Tokyo or Kyoto or both. You cannot use the Tokaido Shinkansen that is the fast route between Tokyo and Kyoto. You have to take an extra few hundred km trip on the Hokuriku Shinkansen and Thunderbird Express that will take about 5.25 hours (vs 2.25 on the Nozomi going the fastest route). It will save a tiny bit of money, but at the expense of many hours.

Have you already bought the pass? If so, make the most of it and spend 1/2 a day in Kanazawa on the way and Nagano on the way back. If not, I would not recommend purchasing it for just visiting Tokyo and Kyoto(Nara). You may also be able to cancel it with a 10% fee if you have bought the voucher but not obtained the actual pass yet.

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Re: Hokuriku Arch Pass 2019/3/17 17:52
You are very unclear on what you actually wanna do with your time. And it is almost like you are talking in riddles. Do yourself a favour and re ask you questions so they are more comprehensible. That way much better advice can be given compared to the guessing game advice previously given.
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