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manga course in japan 2019/3/18 22:38
I want to take a Manga drawing course in japan (Tokyo maybe?)
I don't know Japanese, so it needs to be in English, and also I want it to take 3~4 weeks.

would love to hear your recommendations
couldnt find anything online in English..
thank you!
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Re: manga course in japan 2019/3/23 22:50
Hi there,
There are universities I believe do courses so maybe start there and see if you can find a course for manga drawing.

I don't want to be too negative but your expectations of there being a Manga art class in Japan that is only 3/4 weeks long and is taught in English is somewhat silly.

I would recommend visiting Japan and go sight seeing. There are countless places that you can visit to see Manga and Anime such as Akihabara in Tokyo. This might give you inspiration in becoming in developing your skills.

I wish you the best of luck and hope if you do visit Japan you will enjoy it with what this beautiful country, culture and people have to offer.


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Re: manga course in japan 2019/3/24 09:59
couldnt find anything online in English..

Yeah right?!
I dont do manga but i can do search.

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