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Summer itinerary in Chubu 2019/3/19 03:46
In late July, my wife and our two adult age children will be staying in Fujimi for five days for a family reunion. Afterward, we plan to drive our rental car through the Chubu region, till we get to Toyama, where we will return the car (and pay the extra fee). We are interested in nature, outdoors, food, onsens, culture, and history.

Below is our tentative itinerary.

Okuhida - 1 night
7/29 - Drive from Fujimo to Okuhida. Stay in a ryokan.
7/30 - Check out drive to Takayama

Takayama - 1 night
7/30 - Check into a ryokan. Walk around old town Sanmachi Suji.
7/31- Check out drive to Shirakawago and Ainokura where we will spend a few hours in each location. Continue driving towards Toyama, return the car.

Toyama - 2 nights
7/31 - Check into hotel.
8/1 - Spend the day in Toyama city. Maybe go to the Zuiryuji Temple or other local attractions.
8/2 - Check out early, head to the Kurobe Gorge, Shinkansen back to Tokyo.

Another option is to spend one night in Toyama and spend the 2nd night in Unazuki Onsen before going to the Gorge.

We would love to add the Alpine Route but think that would be too much for this trip.

Does this itinerary look doable? Is there anything we should drop or add? Should we drop the Gorge all together and spend more time elsewhere? We want to keep the schedule as stress-free and relaxed as possible.

Thank you!
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Re: Summer itinerary in Chubu 2019/3/19 16:06
I was in Toyama only oncebut failed to see what might be attractive about it. Could you return the car in Kanazawa instead (or return in Toyama andtgen just get for 20 min on the Shinkansen to Kanazawa?
Just an idea.

July is incredibly hot and humid in Japan so be prepared (mentally).

Enjoy your trip to Chubu!
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