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Friends in Kure 2019/3/19 04:21
Hi! I Need help, please!
My Grandmother search some Friends from Japan. I look for his / her Telephon Number:
Toshihiro Massuki and Misso Massuki

I'm very gratefull if anyone find a Nummer for us!

Thank Foi!

by Thais (guest)  

Re: Friends in Kure 2019/3/21 02:04
Even if someone does find their phone numbers, the numbers can't be posted here, because they are private information. Please find a different way to ask your question.
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Re: Friends in Kure 2019/3/21 18:42
Never heard such strange sound name as Japanese(lang) and pure Japanese born in Japan.
I guess the last name is "Masuki","Matsuki", "Mashiki","Masuko" or,
also first name is "Mishio","Misono","Michiko(Micco is nick)" or close sound name.

Anyway, NOT enough evidence such as photo, letter,
town(Kure is City as address) and company(school?) name and more.
If you can fly out alone or with to Japan(NRT or KIX) ASAP, they may help you.

However, generally speaking,
it would be better to look for foreigners with FB accounts living in or around City Kure.
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Re: Friends in Kure 2019/3/21 18:46
There are Facebook entries for a Masuki Toshihiro. You should search with this spelling - Masuki, not Massuki.
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