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Advice regarding 6-wk itinerary 2019/3/20 22:01
Hi all, I am planning a trip to Japan from March-April and I have a rough itinerary planned out.

I'm travelling on a budget (but I know skiing/diving will be expensive)

Would appreciate advice from resident Japanese and/or seasoned travellers! Note that I have to be in Tokyo to meet a friend on the dates listed

A few questions:

- How do I travel most efficiently in terms of money first and time second?
A combination of JR pass(es), buying bus tickets as I go, and maybe the Willer Express bus pass? I don't mind taking night buses, especially for long journeys to minimise travelling during the day

- I would like to stay in a temple on Koyasan, not sure where would be possible to squeeze it in

- Which pilgrimage trail would you recommend in terms of logistics and aesthetics, I am semi-fit but have only done medium difficulty hikes for leisure to date (and how do I get there?)

- Would it be better to leave out Hiroshima? The end is a bit squished :(

Thanks for the help!

- 22 F Arrive Haneda (1 night in Tokyo)
- 23 S Chidorigafuchi in morning. Bus to Hakuba (skiing 4 nights + Jigukodani)
- 27 W night bus to Kyoto?
- 28 T Kyoto 4 nights
- 01 M Osaka 2 nights
- 04 T Nara (Mt Yoshino day trip)
- 05 F Nara
- 06 S (Inuyama Festival, Aichi Prefecture) 1/2 nights
- 08 M Kumano Kodo 3/4 nights
- 12 F Tokyo 4 nights
- 15 M (Akagi Nanmen Senbonzakura day trip (maybe))
- 16 T Stay Mt Fuji area
- 18 T Tateyama-Kurobe Trail (arrive night before)
- 19 F Kanazawa? 2 nights
- 21 S Shirakawa-go and Gokayama (day trip?)
- 22 M Hiroshima 1 night 2 days
- 23 T Kyoto/Osaka (see Himeji Castle on way?)
- 24 T Kyoto/Osaka (Naoshima day trip?)
- 25 T Diving in Okinawa (flight from Osaka (to be booked)) 5 nights
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Re: Advice regarding 6-wk itinerary 2019/3/21 09:18
Because of your length of stay. The JRPs wont work.

Also have a look at a map. Some of your locations are out of sink. And you are zigzagging across the country. Costing you more dollars in travel costs.
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Re: Advice regarding 6-wk itinerary 2019/3/21 11:05
Hi hakata14, thanks for your reply. So it's not possible for example to get a 5-day Takeyama-Hokiriku pass while I am in Takeyama if I am staying for 6 weeks?
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Re: Advice regarding 6-wk itinerary 2019/3/21 16:54
They're out of SYNC because the OP must go to Tokyo on those days.
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