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Figuring Out Train Passes 2019/3/20 22:03

So I'm planning to invest in a JR pass for an upcoming trip to Japan, but I've hit a bit of a pickle. The 7 day pass would run out while I'm Kyoto, right as I'm ready to go to Hakone and then after that back to Tokyo. From what I've seen Hakone to Tokyo's pretty cheap, around 2,000 yen or less on some price sites I've seen, but Kyoto to Hakone is a different matter. Would a Kansai pass help get my partway, so I can keep the trip costs down?

To break down the scope of the problem, the plan is to use the pass on day 1 for a trip north of Tokyo to Sendai, then Day 2 go to Hiroshima, but then Day 4 go to Kyoto, and it's on the 8th day that we'd want to leave Kyoto.
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Re: Figuring Out Train Passes 2019/3/21 08:22
Essentially the question is, is Tokyo - Sendai or Kyoto - Odawara more expensive. Depending on that you will start the JR pass one day earlier or later.
A Kansai pass will not help.
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Re: Figuring Out Train Passes 2019/3/21 11:25
Assuming you are doing a round trip from Tokyo to Sendai all in one day t's 11,200 yen each way to Sendai. It's 12,080 yen from Kyoto to Odawara.

22,400 > 12,080.

There are lots of ways to get back from Hakone to Tokyo. You can take regular JR lines back or you can take the Odakyu line.

Good luck!
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Re: Figuring Out Train Passes 2019/3/21 11:46
If you're going as far as Hiroshima, then the 14 day pass can pay off. A round trip to Hiroshima from Tokyo is about 37,000yen. With a round trip to Sendai, it would more than pay off.
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Re: Figuring Out Train Passes 2019/3/21 12:22
I think.. and I might be wrong here, but..

I think OP has a round trip from Tokyo to Sendai, a trip from Tokyo to Hiroshima and a trip from Hiroshima to Kyoto that all fit in a 7 day pass, but then a trip from Kyoto to Odawara and then Odawara back to Tokyo does not. So a 2 week pass is 46390 yen and would cover everything and is 17,280 yen more than a 1 week pass. The fare from Kyoto to Odawara is only ~12,000 yen. So the question is do they have 5000 yen more travel to do on JR as part of their itinerary that we don't know about.

I mean to some people the 5000 yen might be easier to just take as a loss and have the convenience of a 2 week pass and not need to book any other tickets.
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