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Where to leave the bikes in Shiretoko NP? 2019/3/20 22:46

i will be in shiretoko np area for 2 days with a rental bike.
i wonder where it is possible to leave the rental bike at shiretoko 5 lakes and shiretoko pass area for doing some hikes? is it possible to also rent a bike lock?

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Re: Where to leave the bikes in Shiretoko NP? 2019/3/21 08:33
Your bicycles will come with some kind of a lock if you rent them (check with the rental place though), but by all means, at least some lock will be there.
Where to leave it, probably close to the place until where you ride with the bicycle.

I am somehow failing to understand your question. Yes, bicycle theft does exist in Japan, but I would say mainly of low quality bicycles, that are been taken either by drunk people or that are semi-abandoned in the first place.
If you have a better bicycle and just lock it, nothing will happen. I had my brompton on my terrass (accessible from the street) for 3 years with a by EU standards flimsy lock and travelled through Japan for 2 months with it, with the same flimsy lock and often only locked the bicycle to itself (not to some pole or so). So it would have been really super-mega easy to just pick it up and carry it away. Really the only time when I made sure to lock my bicycle to something is when parking illegally in Tokyo so that it doesn't get carried away by the bicycle parking police.

During my trip when I went to visit something, I obviously also left all my luggage on the bicycle just bringing a hand bag with money and passport with me.

BTW, if you are looking for interesting cycling experience in Hokkaido, I found this web page: https://hokkaidowilds.org/cycle which has good tips.
I gathered more tips on my own blog: http://bicycletraveljapan.blogspot.com

Enjoy your ride and hike!
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