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6D 5N in Fukuoka, where should I explore? 2019/3/21 00:28
Hi, I have 6 days and 5 nights in Fukuoka. I'm debating on how to explore around Kyushu

My current plan

1st day - arrived in Fukuoka around 2 pm. explore a bit
2nd day - day trip to kumamoto
3rd day - go to beppu and stay over
4th day - back to fukuoka and not sure
5th day - perhaps daytrip to nagasaki or dazaifu?
6th day - leaving fukuoka

I haven't bought any JR, none. and about to buy my hotel. suggestion? Im going this end of March

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Re: 6D 5N in Fukuoka, where should I explore? 2019/3/21 08:59
What about Yufuin on the way back to Fukuoka on day four?

In saying that thought. You've left really no time to explore Fukuoka with your itinerary.
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Re: 6D 5N in Fukuoka, where should I explore? 2019/3/21 16:34
You should be able to explore Fukuoka on your first day. There's not much to see in Fukuoka anyway. It's just like any other metropolitan city. I recommend visiting Canal City while the sun's still out and then go visit the Yatai when it's dark.

Kumamoto is really nice. Last time I went the castle was undergoing renovation. It should be finished by now. And don't forget to eat Kumamoto Ramen while you're there.

There's a really excellent sushi place in Beppu named Kamesho Kurukuru Sushi. The chuutoro there is godlike. Also, best gyoza I've ever had in Gyoza Kogetsu.

As hakata14 said, you should visit Yufuin on your fourth day. It's worth a visit.

I've never been to Nagasaki nor Dazaifu so I can't comment on those.
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Re: 6D 5N in Fukuoka, where should I explore? 2019/3/21 16:59
It looks like you are leaving in about a week and you still have no definite plans? You need to get set as soon as you can - and hotels might be booked up as well at the cheaper and more conveniently located places. Also, you didn't say where you are arriving from, but if you are taking a long international flight, your first day you might not feel like doing much. You are traveling during the cherry blossom season, so there will be some places with a lot of people.
You don't give any info on your interests, but aside from the cherry blossoms, one of the best sights in the region is the Nanzoin Temple, about 20 minutes by train from Hakata Station.
On the way back, you could also stop off at Kayoicho Park, which is beautiful during the cherry blossom season as well as being virtually unknown to everybody. For Kumamoto, you didn't specify if the city, or the region - like Aso. The city is just 40 minutes away by bullet train, but the castle is still closed after the huge earthquake, and one of the few other good sights is the Suizenji Garden - nice, but maybe not worth the trip there just for that. Aso is possible but very time consuming to get to. And the crater may be closed when you want to go. You can look at this site
as some indication for the day (though it could change en route, and usually not for the better). There is one other option if you don't mind paying more - you could get the full Kyushu Rail Pass and take a day trip down to Kagoshima. It's 90 minutes one way by bullet train, and you can walk by the live Sakurajima volcano, not to mention the nice Senganen Garden.
Nagasaki is definitely worth it - it's really the most interesting city on the island. The food is also excellent.
Along the way, you could also see the beautiful Yutoku Inari Shrine.
You might visit Nagasaki on Day 5, and see Dazaifu on Day 4 with Fukuoka (and perhaps Yanagawa also if you like).
As for hotels, you don't how many, your budget.... you could always try a business hotel chain like Toyoko Inn. Nothing fancy, but clean, quiet, conveniently located, good internet and free breakfast buffet.
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Re: 6D 5N in Fukuoka, where should I explore? 2019/3/21 17:26
I think you need to buy a Northern Kyushu Pass based on your itinerary, it can save you some money.

5th day - perhaps daytrip to nagasaki or dazaifu?

I would prefer Dazaifu for a day trip. Nagasaki is 2 hours away from Fukuoka and needs at least a full day to explore.
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Re: 6D 5N in Fukuoka, where should I explore? 2019/3/22 02:43
Yes, with only that time available I'd:

- skip Kumamoto, thereby gaining a day (that I'd spend on a trip to Nagasaki)
- go to Yufuin on the way to or from Beppu (in fact I'd probably stay there instead of Beppu - or I'd make sure I stayed in one of the onsen places outside the main Beppu centre so that I got some countryside time)
- go to Nagasaki and stay the night. There's at least a full 24hrs of interesting stuff there
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Re: 6D 5N in Fukuoka, where should I explore? 2019/3/22 03:50
As stated earlier, get a 3 or 5-day N. Kyushu rail pass.
Base yourself in Fukuoka, it's a fun city to wander around at night and everywhere in N Kyushu is within a day's ride. I prefer Fukuoka to the megalopolises farther east as it's a much more manageable size and you don't waste your time just getting from one place to another.

In Fukuoka:
To start: https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2161.html
A better list: https://www.planetware.com/japan/fukuoka-jpn-ky-fuku.htm

Rail rides:

Mameda-cho in Hita City & surrounds:

Yufuin has turned into one huge tourist site along with Beppu. You may not see a Japanese person on the street.


If you time it right, you can get out to Gunkanjima in Nagasaki:
You could probably combine that with some sights in the city before returning to Fukuoka.

You can take your own beverages and live it up as you get poled around Yanagawa:
I think it's only easily accessible by the Nishitetsu Line, though. You'd have to take a bus from the nearest JR Station.

Karatsu Castle and pottery:

I used to like the Yunoko Inari Shrine and the museum next to it, but haven't been there in a while:

If you like onsen, there's Takeo and Ureshino as well as many others.

Kumamoto is possible in a half day because you can take the Kyushu Shinkansen on the N JR Pass. You'd mainly be looking at earthquake damage and construction cranes at the castle though. Suizenji Park is OK although the Colonel Janes House next to it was flattened.

The Shinkansen from Hakata to Kokura doesn't belong to JR Kyushu, so you'd have to take the local express in that direction.

I've also headed out to Nakatsu and the Yabakei Gorge from Fukuoka and went up to Rakanji on the mountainside. Rakanji was a long walk from the bus stop but you can find shops and Konbini along the way.

The Aso/Kurokawa areas are a bit far for a day trip.

Since I'm usually there on business, I stay at a regular hotel although there are some ryokan around if you want that experience. Staying at a hotel let's me come and go as I please without worrying about meals or locked doors (mongen). I've stayed at the Toyoko Inn Gion, Toyoko Inn Eki Minami, Green Hotel 2, Hotel Ra Foresta & the Comfort Inn Hakata, all in about the same price range. When someone else was paying, I usually get put up in the Centraza or Clio Court for train station and airport access.
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