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Higashiyama vs quieter walks? 2019/3/22 10:22
My husband and I are travelling to Japan during sakura season and I'm trying to decide if we want to walk through Higashiyama all the way through from south to north or do a quieter walk and less touristy like Daitoku-ji or Kibune. I do really want to see sannenzaka and ninenzaka and shop for souvenirs there, but if it's going to be just jam packed with people and if I can't even get into these little shops, then I feel like the charm of it all will be ruined for me. I also just don't like crowds in general.

Do you think these very crowded places are still worth it? Or should I try something quieter where I can maybe get better photos and have a more "natural" experience?
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Re: Higashiyama vs quieter walks? 2019/3/22 17:22
I dont want to knock it but if you dont like crowds, I'd avoid Higashiyama save maybe quite late in the day (4ish oinward) where it might be a bit better. Also along the main road near Kiyomizudera there are some good pottery and other shops. I think for less crowds, head off to Nara. There are still lots of people, but it is more spread out, I have never thought that Nara was unpleasantly crowded whereas I have in parts of Kyoto.
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Re: Higashiyama vs quieter walks? 2019/3/22 23:23
Trying to dodge tourists during Hanami in Kyoto is like trying to not find Catholics in the Vatican - it's almost impossible. One thing to consider is when you are travelling. The Philospohers Path if visited during mid week can be a lot better than the major areas which were some of the most stressful areas I've visited in Japan period. Another advantage is there are also some Camelia Temple which are also in bloom which is nice.


Others will also have other ideas....
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Re: Higashiyama vs quieter walks? 2019/3/23 09:00
Lazy Pious, it's not that I don't like crowds, but I feel it just can ruin the experience. But I also know we can't avoid it completely. If I ever go back to Japan, I will do the quieter locations. Since it's my first time going, I'm more willing to visit these touristy spots.
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Re: Higashiyama vs quieter walks? 2019/3/25 07:23
Actually, if you take the small alleys you can avoid crowd in Higashiyama/Ninenzaka/Sannenzaka. I stumbled into a small temple one time in Ninenzaka and I was the only visitor there. Once you are back on the main streets, crowds are everywhere. I would take an early morning stroll to avoid crowd, but the shops may be closed too early. Even with crowd, a walk through Ninenzaka/Sannenzaka is worth it. Avoid the Starbucks in Ninenzaka, if you donft like long lines.
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