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Staying at Kawaguchiko or Hakone? 2019/3/22 15:49
Hi all,

I plan to have a sightseeing trip near Mt. Fuji on April 24 to 25 (on 25 morning I have to go back to Tokyo). Prior to April 24, I am staying at Tokyo Station, and I will be available to leave in the early morning. I plan to stay for a night. In your opinion, which plan sounds better, staying at Kawaguchiko or Hakone?

Thanks for all your suggestions.
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Re: Staying at Kawaguchiko or Hakone? 2019/3/22 17:15
Kawaguchiko has awesome views of Fuji but not much else. Hakone is overrated but has quite a few things to do. Personally, I'd stay at Hakone though I havent been there for a long time so I dont know how busy it is now. I went to Hakone 10 years ago and I'm going back to Hakone this year. I went to Kawaguchiko last year, loved the view, but wont go back.
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Re: Staying at Kawaguchiko or Hakone? 2019/3/22 23:15
It really depends what you want to do.

Hakone has lots more to do - the loop circuit which most people take is nice but touristy. It's not the best place to see Fuji in Japan - but there are plenty of things to see and do depending on what you like.

I also find that Kawaguchiko has a reasonable amount to do - but it's much further apart and must be reached via bus which significantly slows down what you can see. Unlike Hakone which has plenty of history, art and nature, Kawaguchiko's attractions are more 'nature' in taste. However - the view is amazing but if Fuji is covered then the trip would be a disappointment. I would feel the same for Hakone - but to a lesser degree due to the variety in things to see and do....
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