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Narita to Hotel the Celestine Tokyo Shiba 2019/3/27 12:43
Hi!. I would like to know the best possible route from Narita Airport to my accommodation Hotel the Celestine Tokyo Shiba. I will be arriving on a Friday at 19:30. I'm carrying 1 luggage. The limousine bus is already not an option since the bus going to route of my hotel in only until 7pm. Right now I'm considering taking the Narita Express then transfer to JR Yamanote Line(Outer loop) at Tokyo station. Is this route feasible or are there any alternatives? I would also like details in transferring lines at Tokyo station. I hope someone can help.
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Re: Narita to Hotel the Celestine Tokyo Shiba 2019/3/27 16:23
Yes your route makes sense. The closest station to your hotel is Shibakoen subway station but there is no good changing point to that station from any of the trains coming from Narita. So changing at Tokyo Station to Yamanote Line makes sense.
There are other possibilities which are good as well. Eg you could take Keisei to Nippori and change there to Yamanote or Keihin Line. Nippori Station is much smaller than Tokyo Station so is easier to nAvigate.
But Tokyo Station is okay. Just follow the signs.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: Narita to Hotel the Celestine Tokyo Shiba 2019/3/27 17:06
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