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Validity of Indian IDP in Japan 2019/3/28 16:31
I have international drivers permit from india( Its a smart card). How can I make sure it is valid for car rental and driving in Japan? I am traveling to japan soon so I want make sure my IDP is valid before my journey date.
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Re: Validity of Indian IDP in Japan 2019/3/28 17:18

an IDP issued in India should follow the under the 1949 Geneva Convention the proper format,
If so you can drive in Japan

An IDP which is not under the 1949 Geneva Convention in the proper format is not valid in Japan. In this case you are having a (smart) card which will not be accepted or recognized.

The Specifics regrading the format under the 1949 Geneva Convention.
(1)Must be in a small booklet form, not a card type or paper type.
(2)India must recongnize the agent or agency that is issuing the international driving permit (IDP).
(3)The classfication must be from ``d
(4)Must be 18 years old or older.


I hope this information would help you.
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Re: Validity of Indian IDP in Japan 2019/3/29 10:33

I would say that a smartcard type IDP may not be recognised in Japan since the authority here cannot confirm/read the data here. Read the above link.

Is the smartcard type IDP is only launch recently? The authority here may get confuse as it is not normal type. Best get it convert to booklet type IDP as shown above link.
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