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Tickets for Miyako Odori 2019/3/29 21:55
We will be in Kyoto from 15th to 17th April 2019.
Tried to buy tickets online for the Miyako Odori show but with no luck.
How best can we ensure that we get tickets for the show preferably on 16th April?
by Deepali Das  

Re: Tickets for Miyako Odori 2019/3/30 12:37
I purchased tickets online and the site was a little tricky for an American credit card. I placed the online order and then received a notice that it was declined or not valid (can't remember exact wording). However, I then got an email notification from our credit card company asking us to approve the purchase. I did that and then my transaction went through. You could try calling your credit card company to let them know you are trying to purchase tickets on a Japanese website and see if they can clear the purchase ahead of time?
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Re: Tickets for Miyako Odori 2019/3/30 21:48
in April of last year I went to see Miyako Odori, there was no problem in making the purchase online, as always, the Japanese are very kind and immediately sent my ticket by email to print.
But I believe that at these times there are no more tickets for the day that you want, I made the reservation 6 months before and there were not for the hours that I wanted !!!!!!!
if you want a "tipp" buy the most expensive ticket, you will stay next to it and still get the saucer you receive with a candy to accompany the tea ...
see here, you can send an email to them asking for information on how you can buy the ticket, if not right with your credit card.
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