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Japanese TV comedy clip 2019/3/30 02:10
I was shown a clip from a Japanese comedy show where the main character from an English language book in Japanese schools had escaped and appeared at the show. The character was played by a person from an English-speaking country, while it was hosted by a Japanese guy.

Not sure about the character name, Tom maybe, not sure. But he kept repeating phrases from the book and so on.

Someone recognize what the show is called?
by Mikai (guest)  

Re: Japanese TV comedy clip 2019/4/7 18:34
maybe? Ken Shimura English Lesson on YouTube? Even if it is not the one you are looking for, you should check it out...It is hilarious..
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Re: Japanese TV comedy clip 2019/4/8 00:06
Yeah I already saw that though but I agree with you its really crazy.
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Re: Japanese TV comedy clip 2019/4/17 07:23
Now I have to figure this out. That Ken Shimura one cracks me up!
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