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Hokkaido 2019/3/30 11:47
My family of four, parent and two teens, plans to visit Hokkaido in March, 2020, ideally to start in the Eastern part and to return from Chitose airport.

I recall reading from somewhere where the Travellers rely on buses from one place to another, and would like to follow suit.

Folks here who are familiar with Eastern part of Hokkaido please recommend how I should be organising my itinerary for a week trip. Open air onsen, nature and food would be some of the main highlights of the trip purpose.

I have no experience driving in snow so will just rely on public transportations, including JR lines.

Any input to forming the itinerary is appreciated.
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Re: Hokkaido 2019/3/30 15:24

There is this "Winter's East Hokkaido Bus" which I think is the only practical way to travel eastern Hokkaido without self-driving. This bus is seasonal (Mid January to Mid March) and the schedule is not released (maybe they will announce in summer). You should adjust your itinerary with this bus. Of course you can also use train (JR-Hokkaido) but in general train will take you to major (as eastern Hokkaido) cities, but not small onsen towns.
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Re: Hokkaido 2019/4/8 09:25
Thank you frog1954, for the leads. Cheers!
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