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Kiso Valley, Nagoya... What to do 2019/3/30 17:10
Hello travelers!
I'm writing to try to find a last-minute plan. We are currently staying in Narai (lovely town, btw).
Our plan for tomorrow was to walk the Nakasendo, but the weather forecast predicts rain for most of the day and even storms. What do you think we could do around this area instead?

Thank you in advance!

Note: for the night we will stay in a hotel in Nagoya
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Re: Kiso Valley, Nagoya... What to do 2019/3/31 07:03
I would take a train back to Matsumoto. You're bound to get wet anywhere you go, but Magome may be dangerous if wet. It's quite a sloped town.
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Re: Kiso Valley, Nagoya... What to do 2019/3/31 08:24
Or you could go straight to Nagoya and do city activities. Weather in Nagoya today is expected to be sunny.

Actually per the app (tenki.jp) that I use, there is only strong wind excepted today for the Magome area. So while the hike through the woods might not be a good idea, walking through Magome and /or Tsumago seems to be totally possible.

Enjoy your day!
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Re: Kiso Valley, Nagoya... What to do 2019/4/1 04:00
As said, the Nagoya area appears to be clear weather. But if you want to see something special, go up to Inuyama and see Meiji Mura - it is Japan's most fantastic open air museum, with lots of buildings from 100-150 years ago saved from destruction. Inuyama Castle is there as well, and one of the 12 surviving originals.
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