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Toll road calculation 2019/3/31 18:28
I need some help calculating toll for our upcoming trip. What I found is that all websites are in Japanese language and I am struggling to find out what the toll costs will be. Please could someone help me with this?

Day 1: From Odawara station to Matsumoto
Day 2: From Matsumoto to Takayama
Day 3: From Takayama to Shiragawa, return to Takayama
Day 4: From Takayama to Kanazawa

Appreciate your help!
by Widjantie (guest)  

Re: Toll road calculation 2019/3/31 21:30
Here is a page that explains how to navigate the Japanese website & calculate your tolls. I hope it's helpful http://www2.kumagaku.ac.jp/teacher/~masden/tolls/
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Re: Toll road calculation 2019/4/1 20:26
There is a tourist pass (Y20k) I think that helps some people.
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