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Meaning of noga 2019/4/1 01:58
What does のが means in the below context? It's used TWICE here. Please listen to the podcast in the link provided below, she spoke the following sentences starting around at 07:14


Link to podcast:
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Re: Meaning of のが 2019/4/1 10:32
感情を逆なでしないように喋ってくれてるのがすごく分かる。 それが、随分のんびりしてるなという風に私は感じちゃったんですけどぉ。
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Re: Meaning of noga 2019/4/1 23:35
It's essentially the same thing as ことが which means "the fact that".
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Re: Meaning of noga 2019/4/7 10:49
Can someone explain the above sentence to me? I can read, but I'm having a hard time deciphering what the sentence is saying. Something along the line of in order to be nice not rub one's feelings the wrong way when we chat.

Also, why does it say くれてる? Why is there a ru after te form?
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