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Alpine route 2019/4/1 08:44
Hi, may i know is the entire Alphine Route totally close during Dec or only the snow wall section is close?
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Re: Alpine route 2019/4/1 10:30
"The operating period for 2019 is as follows,
- Full route (Dentetsu Toyama – Shinano Omachi) April 15th to November 30th,2019

- Partial route (Dentetsu Toyama – Midagahara) April 10th to 14th,2019

- The route is closed from December 1st to April 9th."

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Re: Alpine route 2019/4/1 16:09
Thank you so much for the quick response!
Which means if we go on Dec Alpine route is totally out!

If we make it before 30 Nov, is it possible to travel the full route in one day?
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Re: Alpine route 2019/4/1 22:35


Go down to "New Snow" November.

If there is too much snow in November the route between Bijodaira and Murodo can be closed. It is recommended you travel from Shinano-Omachi just in case. Late November is an iffy time, it just depends on the snow accumulations and when they are.

Good luck!
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Re: Alpine route 2019/4/2 08:50
Thank you do much for the repy rkold.
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