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Stayed at this capsule hotel? Worth it? 2019/4/1 10:08
Hi Guys -

Hoping to get some opinions.

My wife and I are in Tokyo to see the cherry blossoms this week.

It has been a wonderful experience and we are so happy that we were able to see such a beautiful and iconic part of Japan.

As part of our Japan trip - one of our bucket list items was staying at a capsule hotel. Right now we are staying at an APA business hotel but we can cancel our last night.

After looking at a few hotels and reading reviews we found one that looks modern and opened recently. Its nearby Tokyo station which is convenient for us because we want to take the Shinkansen to near Osaka and visit Nara.

This would likely be on our last night in Tokyo which is this Saturday.

It only has one English review - but the Japanese reviews are all highly rated on Google. And the photos look nice.

So now my questions

Noise - My wife and I have stayed at mixed dorm hostels in the past while traveling and with ear plugs. We always had light sleep because of other people climbing on top of us during the middle of the night while coming back late.

This hotel ( www.hotelzen.jp ) says that they provide earplugs. But I wanted to see - has anyone stayed here?

From the pictures on the website it looks like all of the capsules are side by side so you don't have to deal with people climbing on top of your capsule.

The other thing is that this hotel is not a "traditional" capsule hotel - the design looks very Japanese style.

Most of the capsule hotels that we found were more futuristic looking and more spacey.

Is it worth staying here or would you have other recommendations for clean and safe capsule hotels?

We would prefer a mixed gender floor so I can be nearby her.

Thanks for your help and looking forward to hearing about your experiences.

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Re: Stayed at this capsule hotel? Worth it? 2019/4/1 11:04
With a capsule hotel, the noise level is a crapshoot (depends on you luck). I have stayed at an high-end capsule hotel (with single-level beds and a little walk space next to the bed) for 6 nights. The first night was the worst with 3 neighbors snoring, I was ready to check out the next morning. But I gave it one more night chance, and surprise surprise, all noisy neighbors had checked out. I slept well the next 5 nights. Would I stay there again? Only if my regular business hotel is fully booked.
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Re: Stayed at this capsule hotel? Worth it? 2019/4/1 12:55
Heads up, not sure if you care or not as a foreign tourist, but APA is really into denying WW2 war crimes (to the point where every room has denial literature in it). Always bugs me when I hear someone will be staying at an APA hotel.
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Re: Stayed at this capsule hotel? Worth it? 2019/4/1 17:00
Unless I am blind, I donft see in your post any link to the capsule hotel you want opinions on. Can you check?

Also in any case make sure if it is gender separated (normally thatfs the case) or not and if you want to sleep in separate lodgings for your last night in Japan.

Re APA agree with PP. there are other budget hotel options which are politically more convenient.

Enjoy your trip to Tokyo!
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Re: Stayed at this capsule hotel? Worth it? 2019/4/1 20:30
There are some hotels cheaper than 2xcapsule rooms, but if you want to, it is your choice. Personally, I wouldn't. Some are defiantly better than others based on the options I've looked at in the past and reading reviews/posts.
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