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How to know Japanese penfriends now? 2019/4/1 19:19
Hi guys. I'm managing to visit Tokio with a friend in some months and I would like to receive friendly advices as many as possible. I'm not looking for tourist informations about festivals, temples, museum, cherry blossom, foliage and stuff like that. My best goal would be to know enough some basical aspects about Tokio by its people ..just in a couple of weeks staying there ! I know it's rather impossible ( insane ) but I don't care : I'll do what I can to enjoy it without expectations. It's enough for me to reach something about that outside the most classic ways ( touristic one less than all ). Thanks a lot for your attention. PiT
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Re: How to know Japanese penfriends now? 2019/4/2 16:35
I'm not sure if I understand what your question is. Are you looking for ways to find new pen-pals who live in Tokyo area?
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Re: How to know Japanese penfriends now? 2019/4/2 17:10
Yes Uco, that's the main point. Sorry me, I've also written my purposes making the message full of secondary themes. I've also delete my old account : with j@pan penfriend dismissed it seemed to me unusefull to keep on that but I've singned this other one. Thanks for your replying.. can you suggest me anywhere ?
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