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Need help with some kanji pronunciation 2019/4/3 09:46

I'm having trouble reading some kanji from this manga. Would appreciate anyone who can tell me the furigana. :P

On this page: https://i.imgur.com/NXiU0i0.jpg
The kanji after the 間ー.
Also, on the last panel, the guy says 偶々下のぞいたらやばいことになってて?ったよ。
What is that kanji that looks like 集める?
And what is this guy saying, exactly? I think it's something along the line of "I stumbled upon (literally: unexpectedly) something bad happens below." I tried to search for the word ぞく, plain form of ぞいたら but found no verb at all. やばいことになった means something has gone wrong/bad, right?

Another word is 団絡. I believe it means teamwork or cooperation in English? But it doesn't seem to be one word in Japanese. How do I pronounce this? Dan karama?

Thanks in advance! :D
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Re: Need help with some kanji pronunciation 2019/4/3 11:03
(1) Upper right:

(2) Lower left, bubble on the right:

(1) The phrase is read “Kanippatsu,” and means a close call, usually used in the sense of “(saved/escaped a crisis) by a hairbreadth.”
The kanji is 髪, “kami” (hair), “hatsu.”

(2) 焦った = “asetta”
The verb 焦る = aseru, to get upset, get panicky.
Yes, he is saying:
- By chance I looked in below (something), and that got me upset because the situation had gotten bad.

Are you sure of the kanji? I can think of the word 団結 “danketsu.” Can that be?
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Re: Need help with some kanji pronunciation 2019/4/3 11:19
Whoops, for (1) I should have written "kan'ippatsu" or "kan ippatsu," not “Kanippatsu."

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Re: Need help with some kanji pronunciation 2019/4/3 12:56
Just to add, there are 2 major ways to find out how to read kanji. One is to get a kanji dictionary and look it up. The other way is much easier. Get a Japanese keyboard, copy-and-paste the kanji somewhere such as on a text file, use your cursor to "select" the set of kanji you want to read, and press 変換 on your keyboard. It will automatically give you the kana version. Hope it helps in the near future.
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