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Bus from Imabari to Onomichi JR Station 2019/4/4 02:05
I will be traveling to Japan in mid June and am interested in doing a day trip across the Shimanami Kaido. We want to book a hotel in Onomichi but I am concerned about the buses back from Imabari late into the evening. After extensive searching the only reliable timetable I could come across was this:


Im wondering if this time table is still up to date and accurate? I could technically leave Imabari as late as 7:25 in the evening?
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Re: Bus from Imabari to Onomichi JR Station 2019/4/4 17:29
Latest same tt is here, open PDF, 4 different bus companies shared.
https://i.imgur.com/bdwfKVd.png (red to yellow line)

If on SAT, SUN or National holidays, (no operating on all weekday Mon-Fri in June)
you can take another direct bus, but last one dep is 16:23.
The bus name is "Shimanami Cycle Express" by Onomichi bus, 2250Y/oneway.
The half left side seats for bicycles, so regular number of seats is fewer than Setouchi liner.

今治桟橋(-sanbashi):Imabari pier(ferry port = 港/-ko)
今治駅前(-eki mae):Imabari sta.
因島大橋:Innoshima ohashi (=innoshima island big bridge)
尾道駅前(-eki mae):Onomichi sta.
方面(houmen):direction, area, district
行き(-iki): for --- (as route direction =for last stop, written only 行 cases a lot like below)
高速バス(kousoku-) : express way bus, (in JP, also using ハイウェイ=highway bus), longer body 1 door type.
しまなみライナー(Shimanami liner) is this exp bus line name for Fukuyama sta.(福山駅前)
路線バス(rosen-):local bus, using 2 doors type cars mainly.
発(hatsu)/着(chaku) : dep/arr
乗り継ぎ乗車券(noritsugi jousha-ken) : connecting (discounted) set ticket
(乗継割引 noritsugi waribiki meaning also same, 割引/waribiki means discounted/-off as price and more)

Bus operating companies;
せとうちバス : Setouchi Bus http://www.setouchibus.co.jp/
おのみちバス: Onomichi Bus http://onomichibus.jp/
中国バス: Chugoku Bus http://www.chugokubus.jp/
鞆鉄バス: Tomotetsu Bus*) http://www.tomotetsu.co.jp/tomotetsu/
*)Their bonnet bus runs only on Tomonoura area is loved by Studio GHIBLI fans, on "Ponyo" and "Totoro".

And in June is rainy season, called "梅雨:tsuyu" in JP.
However, Rainy front(梅雨前線 baiu zensen) is not fixed, so not falling everyday and everytime.
Watch carefully weather forecast, this is one of last year's, also including "typhoon(台風 taifuu)" info.
(this sample weather forecast program channel is streaming on YouTube live 365D/24h non stop)
This is One week forecast in EN by JMA, look Hiroshima/広島 and Matsue/松江(愛媛県/Ehime prf.)'s.
However, already you studied on above, this is enough.
Japan is one of YY/MM/DD(date stamp) using country, in June : 2019.6.1(6/1) - 2019.6.30(6/30).

And from May 1(5/1) of this year, Japanese calendar will change from "平成/Heisei" to "令和/Reiwa",
but it may be better to keep this in order to confirm whether the information is the latest or not.
Today is still Heisei period 31st, most documents using H31(or 31) as shorten style cases a lot,
(this is not in this year, though. https://i.imgur.com/aTbX09v.jpg )
but "R1" notation can not be seen yet, it is said that "it will be using western style 2019 mainly
for escaping confusion" even into Japanese, maybe only on official documents will be using Reiwa.
This is road side construction board, 元年(gan-nen) means 1st year, 元 means origin/first and more.
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