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Japan trip itinerary - Japanese Alps area 2019/4/4 22:39
we are a 30yr old couple going to japan next week and bit late planners
we are renting a car for 1 week before meeting family and joining them for a trip to tokyo-kanazawa-osaka.
this is our itinerary so far, we would love some thoughts- if this itinerary is feasible, recommended? are we missing out on great things near by? this itinerary leaves us one extra day to stay somewhere we liked (we haven't ordered hotels yet). originally we were recommended to go to Matsushima for the last day between Niko & Tokyo but we are afraid its too much driving so prefer to stay an extra day somewhere on the way....

Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DAY 0: Landing at Tokyo at 20pm sleep near tokyo

‪DAY 1: drive to kiso valley 4.5 hrs
Possibly stop at Mt. Fuji Panoramic Ropeway))
Sleep at magome

DAY 2: Magome Walking route Tsumago to
Drive to Shirakawago & Gokayama 2.5 hrs
sleep at ainokura

DAY 3: Drive to tateyama for Kurobe alpine route
Partial Operations open tour is: (Tateyama Station ~ Midagahara): April 10 (Wed) – 14th (Sun)
Sleep in Tateyama

DAY4: Drive to Myoko
Jigokudani Monkey Park



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Re: Japan trip itinerary - Japanese Alps area 2019/4/6 08:05
Uff, a lot of driving. That was kind of my first thought. Use the spare day to see Nikko or close surroundings of Nikko.
Specially accommodation in Ainokura try to book immediately. Itfs not a big village and accommodation is limited, so it might be very hard to get something there at such short notice, which might impact your ability to execute the entire itinerary for that day. I do agree with you though that Ainokura is the best of the 3. I would actually skip Shirakawago and only see the other 2.

For the driving part make sure you use google maps driving times and add a bit for searching for parking space. In many places parking will be paid parking only.

With so much driving have a look if there is an ETC toll fee pass for foreign tourists that could help you to reduce costs.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: Japan trip itinerary - Japanese Alps area 2019/4/6 20:05
I would add the spare day in the middle of the itinerary to allow you to slow down. So much transit in car chewing up your days.
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