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Day Trip from Hiroshima 2019/4/5 01:10

i'm looking for a day trip from Hiroshima besides Miyajima. I was planning to head up to see Tsunoshima Bridge and Motonosumi Inari Shrine. However, the tour operator cancelled the trip.

Is there any way other way to go up besides self drive or any suggestions of where to go outside of Hiroshima?
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Re: Day Trip from Hiroshima 2019/4/5 08:27
Self-drive is the only practical way to get to these places if you don't join a tour.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other attractions near Hiroshima that can be reached easily by public transportation. You can find a list of them here:

Even a side trip to Matsuyama on Shikoku by ferry can be an option:
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Re: Day Trip from Hiroshima 2019/4/5 08:52
You can go west to Iwakuni and Tsuwano.

Or go east to Higashi Hiroshima (East Hiroshima) for sake brewery tours and Onomichi for temples on hillside overlooking the Seto Inland Sea.
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Re: Day Trip from Hiroshima 2019/4/5 15:12
If the day is nice then Onomichi would be my choice. Other options are Kure for the Battleship Yamato & other museums & Takehara for the preserved buildings.

This is not my travel report but shows what Kure & Takehara are like:

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Re: Day Trip from Hiroshima 2019/4/5 23:58
I like all suggestions above, but if you want something a bit more exotic, then how about a trip to Okunoshima? It's basically a small island that used to serve as a production facility for poison gas during the war, but is now home to a large population of wild rabbits. There's also a small museum about the islands (rather dark) history.

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Re: Day Trip from Hiroshima 2019/4/6 01:14
The area is crammed with great places. Since you are already going to Miyajima, the closest would be Iwakuni.

If you've never seen one of Japan's fantastic limestone caves, you should consider it - and Akiyoshido in Yamaguchi is the finest in the country.

Tsuwano and Onomichji were mentioned, and both quite good as well. Hagi is possible, but given the time to get there, might be better as an overnight. If going far away is not something you want to do, Hiroshima itself has a number of places also - you might consider going to the Sandankyo Gorge (75 minute bus from Hiroshima Stn).
Or if going in springtime, Sewa Kogen is extremely beautiful.
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Re: Day Trip from Hiroshima 2019/4/6 01:24
And again, some more "secret" recommendation for me: Sandankyo Gorge (there are direct busses from hiroshima)
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