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Relative sending me medicine from overseas? 2019/4/6 14:04
Hi all, Ifm studying abroad in Japan this senester.

I take doxycycline for my acne and my supply will run out soon. I went to my doctor and he said he can only prescribe 2 weeksf worth at a time. Ifve had no other issues with my other prescriptions - so Ifm not sure whether this is the rule for doxycycline or just antibiotics in general. My doctorfs office is really far away from me and the commute is pretty expensive, so Ifd rather not have to go every 2 weeks if I can avoid it.

A relative offered to send me some doxycycline from the UK so I was wondering whether this was possible - the medicine is perfectly legal to possess in Japan, itfs just that more than 2 weeksf worth canft be prescribed at once. If I could get it sent over, would there be any restrictions on the amount allowed? I didnft apply for a Yakkan Shoumei before leaving my home country, because I didnft know about it.

I canft seem to find any information online about it, so if anyonefs been in a similar situation Ifd really appreciate your advice :)
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Re: Relative sending me medicine from overseas? 2019/4/6 18:21
Yakkan shounmei does not apply; it's for when you bring drugs with you when you enter Japan. Contact your local bureau of health and welfare (). https://kouseikyoku.mhlw.go.jp/
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