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How to unblock/unlock Suica Card or refund? 2019/4/6 23:28

Hi All,

Just need your advice. My wife and I bought 2 Suica cards from a machine and used it in trains all over Japan last April 2017. I have offered and lent our Suica cards to our friends who are traveling to Japan this year. When they reached Kansai Airport, they topped up Y10,000 for each card and just found out later that the card was blocked! 

We are not aware that there is a 6-month rule for the card before this happened. We got some information on the internet that if you haven't used the card for 6 months, it will be temporarily locked. The card wasn't registered to the owner (us) and our friends were told by the staff that they can't do anything to refund or unlock it because it was locked in Tokyo during our last trip. The wife of my friend was a bit upset. I feel bad about it giving them the hassle of sorting out going to the ticket offices, taking their precious time instead of them enjoying the place.

So maybe there's a chance to sort it out in Tokyo? They will be going to Tokyo on the 8th. I'm just trying to get as much information as I can to help them before they go there.

Do you have any advice about where to go in Tokyo? What to do for them to get a refund or have it unlocked? The offices in Kansai weren't helpful and I was wondering why the cards accepted deposit or top up if it was blocked? I hope they don't just take your money and not give a solution. 

I was expecting more from a service-oriented country like Japan or a big company like JR (Japan Railways) for being able to help them in a fast and efficient way.


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Re: How to unblock/unlock Suica Card or refund? 2019/4/7 10:28
No, Suica cards don't lock (except Apple Pay Suica, it seems).

If they can't use the cards, it is more likely that you didn't correctly tap out of the station the last time you used them. In that case, they have to go to a station staff, who can figure out the reason and fix it.
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Re: How to unblock/unlock Suica Card or refund? 2019/4/8 08:16
Sounds like the card wasn't "tapped" out correctly somewhere. In that case you can use the balance at stores, but not transport system (buses/trains/trams) until you go back to the company/train/system where the error occurred.

If it was a JR station, pretty easy as they have offices all over. If it was the Osaka subway (as an example) you'll need to go to Osaka subway to fix.
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