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Nikko Pass Surcharges 2019/4/9 06:33
Are there any surcharges on the Nikko Pass from Shinjuku JR Station to Tobu Nikko Station?
Or do I have start my trip from Asakusa?
If yes what is the amount?
by chong 1301  

Re: Nikko Pass Surcharges 2019/4/9 10:10

I'm unsure if the Nikko All Area Pass/Nikko Heritage Pass covers from Shinjuku to Nikko, but it does cover from tobu Asakusa to Nikko for odirnary train except for limited express. For the pass, it costs 4150 yen(All area) for 4 days and 2000 yen(world heritage) for 2 days respectively.
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Re: Nikko Pass Surcharges 2019/4/9 10:53

The pass is not valid on trains to/from Shinjuku Station.
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Re: Nikko Pass Surcharges 2019/4/9 11:57
You need to read through carefully what each pass covers or not cover. There are so many limitations not only in terms of access (Shinjuku vs Asakusa) but the type of train as well,
Personally, despite Nikko being so called eclosef to Tokyo, is difficult to travel to, but if you read the timetable carefully Ifm sure you can get there and back. Just watch for the train schedule.
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