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Travelling to and from Koyasan 2019/4/10 00:39
We (two adults, two teens) are travelling to Koyasan from Himeji in early August but I am getting confused as to how much I can use our JR pass for this journey. Can someone advise the best route in terms of JR pass benefit and also time-wise please?

After our stay, we are going to Kyoto, possible with a day stop off in Nara. Again, what is the best route from Koyasan to Kyoto to gain the benefit of the JR pass please?
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Re: Travelling to and from Koyasan 2019/4/10 13:08
You can't go all the way to Koyasan by JR. To save some money, you could look at getting a Koyasan World Heritage Pass.
You can use JR up to Shinimamiya. The total time from Himeji to Koysan is about 3¾ hours.
You didn't say how much time you are putting into Himeji, but by all means, see the castle and Kokoen Garden - they are both excellent.

For Koyasan, hopefully you are staying overnight there - it would really be too much as a day trip. No matter what, don't skip the Okunoin Cemetery - it's the crown jewel of the region and there is nothing else in Japan like it.
And if you want to see Okunoin at night as well (a unique experience), it would be far better to pick a temple that does not have any 9 PM curfew.
You don't need any tour though - you can just go there yourself.

As for Kyoto, just reverse the route, and from Shinimamiya, take JR to Kyoto. Use Hyperdia to check routes and times.
Under "More Options" be sure to uncheck the Nozomi box since you can't use that train with a JR Pass.

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Re: Travelling to and from Koyasan 2019/4/10 22:16
Thank you Ken, that's very helpful, and your tip re the heritage pass very useful. We're in Himeji two nights and Koyasan one night.
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