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5pm Rush Hour and Luggage from NRT 2019/4/10 03:53
Coming into Tokyo from Narita Airport, I have 3 station options. Nippori, Tokyo or Shinagawa station. I plan to ride the Keihintohoku Line southbound from one of these stations. This will happen during the 5pm rush.

Which station do you guys think would be less troublesome with an armful of luggage?

I'm thinking Nippori would be the best option since I'll be going into the city center against the flow of rush hour out of the city. Tokyo station would probably be very crowded. And Shinagawa would also be packed with people leaving the city at that time?

Any suggestions?
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Re: 5pm Rush Hour and Luggage from NRT 2019/4/10 12:11
Yes, I would also take Nippori also because it is the easiest station of all 3 to navigate. Even w/o rush hour.

Enjoy your trip to Tokyo!
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Re: 5pm Rush Hour and Luggage from NRT 2019/4/10 16:07
N'EX will be stopping at Shinagawa, via Tokyo.
Skyliner is faster than N'EX, but taking Keihintohoku line section will be longer via Tokyo.
Btw Nippori and Shinagawa, you can also take 1 car longer Yamanote line 11 cars,
also take Ueno-Tokyo lines 15 cars fr Ueno. (Keihintohoku Line : all 10 cars fixed)

Skyliner : Keisei Electric Railway

This is near Hamamatsucho stn(UTC +9), 3, 4, and 6th tracks are southbound of JR.
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