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Does Japanese gov tax U.S. social security? 2019/4/10 13:38
Will the Japanese government tax my U.S. social security if I switch from being a U.S. green card holder to giving that up and becoming a resident of Japan?
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Re: Does Japanese gov tax U.S. social security? 2019/4/11 10:53

After living in Japan for some time, there will come a time when (1) the portion of your non-Japanese income that is brought/remitted to Japan will be taxable, and eventually (2) all your non-Japanese income will be taxable.
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Re: Does Japanese gov tax U.S. social security? 2019/4/11 12:07
Hi AK. Thank you for the information. I've seen these tables to determine the tax status (non-permanent resident, resident, etc) but what throws me off is the fact that I'm a Japan national but a green card holder who under normal conditions wouldn't stay in Japan for longer than 6 months out of the year since I live in the U.S. and need to maintain my green card status. However this time I may end up staying longer using my one time extension (I've read that one could stay up to a maximum of 3 years in special circumstances without forfeiting the green card) since I'm returning for a family emergency to take care of my elderly mother. How long I stay depends on her. I'm guessing that if I stay for over a year I would be considered a resident for tax purposes since I have Japan nationality. What I'm trying to find out is if I stay for over a year and presumably required to file Japan taxes, how would this affect the much dreaded inheritance tax if I gift my U.S. home to my child.
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Re: Does Japanese gov tax U.S. social security? 2019/4/11 21:38
Dear Bluepeace,

Please, get professional help from a Japanese tax expert. I do taxes in the United States and I know there is nothing black and white about a situation like yours. Please , spend the money for a written opinion on your unique situation from a qualified Japanese tax expert , then, confirm it with the Japanese Tax Agency. Think of the money spent as insurance against a potential catastrophic financial loss.

Health and happiness to you and your family,
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Re: Does Japanese gov tax U.S. social security? 2019/4/11 22:17
So you are a Japanese national (on “koseki” somewhere) but some time ago in the past have removed yourself from “juminhyo” so that you are not currently a resident or taxpayer for Japan, I assume?

If you move back to Japan for an extended period of time, I guess you’ll put yourself back into the “juminhyo” for the time period. So it will be like “moving back in” process. (Please check/google 海外からの転入手続き.)

Assume you believe you might have to stay over one year, and take the “moving in” procedure at the city hall of your family (sorry to hear of your situation – we all go through this taking care of elderly parents, don’t we), then you’ll register yourself as a resident at the city hall, and they will ask you if you want to sign up for the national health insurance (which you should) and pension:
Year 1: you would just stay in Japan, your income in the previous year is 0 for Japan
Year 2: you’d file “kakutei shinkoku” if you have any income in Japan over a certain amount, etc.

But I believe that income tax and inheritance would be separate issues. If YOU inherit something in Japan, you might (depending on the amount) have to declare it and pay inheritance taxes on it. But just like you would not pay any property tax in Japan for property you might own in the US, your child would not be paying any tax on their inheritance in the US.

Above is my direct experiences doing my own taxes over the years and also for my non-Japanese spouse, and also for having taken care of one case of inheritance tax, for which i sought professional help. So yes I do recommend getting professional help too. Best wishes for you and your family.

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