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City or Nature 2019/4/10 17:26
Hi everybody,

I am planning a 20 day trip to Japan in November, now I am wondering about the following choice I have to make: at the end of the trip we will have more or less 5 days available, and I would like to know if you would recommend to spent those days partly in Fukuoka and then depart for 2 or 3 days in one of the national parks above Tokyo or to skip Fukuoka entirely.

The others cities which are on the list so far are: Tokyo (5 days), Nagoya (1 day), Koyto (3 days), Osaka (2 or 3 days), Hiroshima (2 days), and after Hiroshima comes the question mark of to go further down or go back up.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: City or Nature 2019/4/10 18:32
That is really up to you. Fukuoka is a city. And Kyushu has some wonderful nature sights to see.

There is also many nature sights between Hiroshima and Tokyo you do not list also.
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Re: City or Nature 2019/4/10 18:54
My question maybe was not very clear, what I would like to know is if Fukuoka is interesting enough to make journey to the south since it it takes in total 3 days extra and are cities more interesting to spend those 3 days.

Oke, tips for nature between Tokyo and Hiroshima are very welcome!

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Re: City or Nature 2019/4/10 18:58
Out of 20 days you are spending more than half in cities. As much as I love Japan, the cities there are not particularly attractive. If you love concrete passionately, then Japanese cities are the place for you. If not, I'd consider spending those 5 days somewhere else. If I was stopping at Hiroshima and then working back toward Tokyo (bearing in mind that Hiroshima is quite a smoggy city unless you get off the coast to Miyajima), I would be looking to spend some time in the mountains, eg a run through the alps on the way back.

A really nice run is Nagoya to Takayama to Kamikochi to Matsumoto, then possibly Nagano and Karuizawa.
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Re: City or Nature 2019/4/10 19:13
Fukuoka is an interesting city. But you don't need 3 days there. 2 days you be ample. But most would use Fukuoka as a connection to northern Kyushu other sightseeing locations. Nagasaki, Beppu, Yufuin, Mojiko/Kokura etc etc.

Again without knowing what you are really wanting or your interests are. Only you can decide what you wanna do.
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Re: City or Nature 2019/4/10 19:17
The reason Hiroshima is on the list is for coast (the plan would be to go to Itsukushima island).
The reason for 3 days in Koyto is that I would like to explore the mountain area above the city for 1 full day.

The run through the Alps sounds and looks beautiful.
The other nature area I was think of is the area left of Sendai or Lake Towada, are you familiar with this area?
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Re: City or Nature 2019/4/10 19:44
Thank you for the tips.

My preference would be to do 50/50. Because I do really want to see the landscape and Japan as authentic as possible, not only the cities and not only the nature since my husband is more of the nature and I am more of the cities/architecture/art. So I am trying to figure out a mixture which is interesting to both of us.

I was even contemplating to Tokyo in total and come back for separately for this experience multiple weeks in the future.
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Re: City or Nature 2019/4/10 20:00
If your using a JR pass then traveling to Hagi in Shimane Prefecture (past Hiroshima) would be a fantastic 3 days. It's reasonably difficult to get to, but because of that it's very preserved and less tourist infested than the majority of Japan. In general, I see Hagi as the best 'full preserved town' in Japan - period. The clan graves at two temples are also highly unique.

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