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Applicable procedures after name change 2019/4/11 15:57

I have already in my home country changed my name 4 years ago (I have a double name now, with the name of my wife attached to my family name), however my passport was still showing my birth name due that I have been told, that it is not mandatory to update it until the next renewal. My passport expired now finally and therefore a new one with the updated name will be issued.

Now I wonder if it is mandatory to update all my Japanese documents (permanent residence card, credit cards, driver license...) with my new name and if so what would the applicable procedure to update my residence card (I have permanent visa) and if this procedure is easy or if it is time consuming.
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Re: Applicable procedures after name change 2019/4/11 16:14
You will definitely have to update your residence card sooner or later, because immigration is strict about the name on the card having to match the passport. http://www.immi-moj.go.jp/english/tetuduki/kanri/shyorui/13.html

Then you will probably need to update everything that's tied to your residency data (basically, everything that requires you to show ID, such as bank account, cellphone, etc.).
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Re: Applicable procedures after name change 2019/4/11 20:10
Yes, you will need to update your name on your official documents. You will start with going to immigration to get your name updated on your residency card. From there, you take it to city hall to update your pension and health insurance information, the police to update your drivers license, call or go to any banks you have an account at to update with them, and call your credit card company to update the name on your card. You may also need to update your information with your utility companies and rental property as necessary, although those don't need to be done right away. And don't forget your shaken and insurance paperwork if you've got a car!

Generally the process is easy enough, it's just that you have to go to each place in order to do it to physically update your information. It's a hassle, but once it's done it's done. If you're able to do so, the best thing is to take a day off to go do it all at once and get it over with!
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