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How do move to Japan with a spouse on a visa? 2019/4/14 09:03

It has been quite a long time since I have visited Japan-Guide. It felt like just yesterday that I was an excited 13-year-old girl browsing how to move to Japan. Things have changed, my dreams have changed and there were many times that I gave up the idea of living in Japan- but I have returned and I wish to follow through with it!

In summary, I am a 3rd-year university student, Temple University. I major in Asian Studies and I am certified to teach English (TEFL certification). I am looking into teaching English online for a bit during the summer in order to earn money (I am in so much debt //cries). My Japanese level is beginner/intermediate level. I am taking university-leveled Japanese courses.

Now onto the question at hand... I want to bring my boyfriend with me (once we get married) to Japan. He isn't Japanese.

According to my understanding, he would be able to get a part-time job with a spouse visa, as long as I am working, correct?

Also, he is interested in being a physical trainer and maybe opening up his own gym. How would that process work out? Would he need special certifications to open up a business in Japan and how would a work visa manage for him since he does not have an employer vouching for him.

I am just fairly overwhelmed and I still have 2 years or so before the move, but I want to make sure I get all my eggs in my basket before I do. Any help/tips/link would be greatly appreciated!! I know it is a lot of questions...

tl;dr: How do I bring my husband who isn't Japanese, with me to Japan while I work as an English teacher?
How can we open up a business in Japan and gain a visa like that?
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Re: How do move to Japan with a spouse on a visa? 2019/4/14 11:13
Once you are married, and you find an employment in Japan and come in on one of the work-allowing visas, your spouse can apply for gdependenth (note: not gspouse,h because usually if you say gspouseh it refers to gspouse of Japanese nationalh visa) visa to stay with you in Japan. On that one, yes he will be allowed to take up part-time employment, with a separate permission.

Now if he wants to open up his own business/gym, that is a completely different story – he will need to go for ginvestor/business managerh status, for which the requirements are completely different.
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Re: How do move to Japan with a spouse on a visa? 2019/4/14 13:48
A spouse or dependant visa requires that you have enough savings and earnings to supports both of you.

It sounds like you would be better off applying for separate work visas. Than rely on a visa/s that requires you to prove financial stability for two.
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Re: How do move to Japan with a spouse on a visa? 2019/4/15 12:15
moving to Japan you need to find work, by sponsorship or start your own company with a minimum starting capital (and a well build plan).
If you start your own sport club or anything related to health etc you need to check if the certification you will have is valid in Japan, and also you need to speak the language since you work with local people, including law etc.
If you can succeed that than you can come to Japan.

Your bf needs to find his own work unless your are married and than he can come on a spouse visa (Non-Japanese)

I think you should do some research for coming to Japan.
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Re: How do move to Japan with a spouse on a visa? 2019/4/15 12:33
Even though its a year or two before you are intending to go to Japan, it will take time to get visa's sorted, accommodation etc. Your husband-to-be could look at the advertisements for employees on the Tokyo American Club website for careers as they are often advertising for English speaking people with sports aptitude, for gym supervisors, trainers, indoor bowling, lifeguards, swimming instructors. Their website will give you some idea of their hourly rate , and what is expected. They also part time jobs. While he is employed he can get some idea of the costs needed to lease a gym and equipment before diving right in to the responsibility and expense of ownership.
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