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A visit to Kumano Ise in mid November 2019 2019/4/16 19:36
Hello. Having surfed many sites, i still cannot clearly figure out the easy ways to get to/from Narita airport ( arrival in the early morning, departure around midday) to/from a nice place in Kumano and Ise, located not far from main sites but in a quiet place. We are planning a 4-5 night stay in mid November 2019.
We (2adults) would like an accomodation in a really good onsen ryokan. The change of accomodation location from Kumano to Ise ( or vice versa) is possible. We don't plan a car rent.
If someone can offer an idea or your experience, we will appreciate it heartly.
Thanks in advance. Alla.
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Re: A visit to Kumano Ise in mid November 2019 2019/4/17 13:10
Google Maps will show public transports routing options. But I usually like Google Maps for location of train stations and use Hyperdia.com for train times. Also think it will be very hectic or impossible travelling to Narita given your flight time even from Ise.
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Re: A visit to Kumano Ise in mid November 2019 2019/4/18 00:39
Extend your flight from Narita to Nagoya and use trains to get to Ise and points south. If you can't extend it on your original ticket, look into Yokoso Visit Japan or other discount flights. If you're not checking out the Kanto region and are spending all your time in Mie and Wakayama, why travel all the way from Tokyo to there by land? You would waste a lot of time just getting there and back.

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Re: A visit to Kumano Ise in mid November 2019 2019/4/18 01:24
Or depending on where you are going on the Kumano Kudo, you can fly directly from Tokyo to Shirahama and then take the train or bus from there to anywhere else you want to go. JAL offers direct flights from Haneda and getting to Shirahama will put you right on part of the Kumano Kudo.

The official Tanabe website: http://www.tb-kumano.jp/en/ Offers lots of good information in English for planning a trip along the Kumano Kudo. Tanabe and Shirahama are quite close. When one of my close friends was a JET in Tanabe her husband worked in Adventureland in Shirahama. Neither owned a car so it's definitely do-able via public transport.

I would end in Ise and then either take a train up to Nagoya and then the shinkansen to Tokyo or from Ise make my way to Chubu Airport and from there to Tokyo. Depending on your flight times you might feel more comfortable spending the night before your departure in Nagoya since it is an easy and frequent shinkansen trip from Tokyo.

Good luck!
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