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Cheaply send items from Japan to USA? 2019/4/18 16:44
I'm preparing to move back to America soon and obviously want to bring some things with me. Aside from the usual clothes and knick-knacks, I have a desktop PC, monitor, and some artwork that's just slightly too large to fit in my luggage. The electronics are, of course, large and heavy. But not massively so.

I'm looking into various shipping methods, but I'd like to know if anyone has previous experience and knows the best way to ship such items. JP Post looks ok. Yamato seems to have a max weight of 25kg.
TNT wants to charge over $1,000 for one box for some reason. Perhaps it's best to ship the (lighter) clothes, and bring the electronics in my luggage? Any thoughts appreciated.

BTW, I'm sure this has already been answered here, but I couldn't find anything other than an outdated 7 year old post that still didn't quite provide an answer. If you're aware of another helpful post, please send it my way.

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Re: Cheaply send items from Japan to USA? 2019/4/19 11:16
I moved out from Tokyo to Austin, TX few years ago. I used JP post surface mail. It was most cost effective. I shipped everything from clothes, utensils and books. I called post guys and scheduled the boxes to be picked up from my apartment. The postman had everything needed to weight, print labels and charge my credit card at my home. It was very convenient. The boxes arrived after 2 months in pretty decent condition.

For some delicate or expensive items I paid extra luggage charge at the airlines. Obviously it was expensive but I wanted to carry those things along with me.

Hope this helps
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Re: Cheaply send items from Japan to USA? 2019/4/19 12:09
By far, the cheapest way to bring it back with you is to take it as luggage on your airline, even if you have to pay for a 3rd or 4th bag fee. Depending on airline, class of service and destination, that fee may be anywhere from 0 to up to $200 per bag. But remember, each piece of luggage can be 50 pounds in weight, if flying business or first, usually 70 pounds per piece. Also, remember, luggage on an airline can also be a big box or odd size box as long as it meets their requirements for length, width and depth (dimensionally). So, you may be able to have your artwork boxed up and still check it through as luggage. You can always use your clothes to cushion and as packaging around more fragile items. Just something to think through thoroughly as on a cost per pound basis, checking additional pieces of luggage will be cheaper than most any other method you can think of. Stan
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