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Sakura best view inTohoku 2019/4/20 09:10
Hello, we are now in sendai. Where is the best place. To see sakura ? We have this weekend. Thank you in advance
by Elana (guest)  

Re: Sakura best view inTohoku 2019/4/20 22:58
Before I write an answer I have to tell you one important thing.
I don't know where you went to see Sakura today,
but it seems it was around 15:30s that your question appeared here.
(An answer post is not censored, but a question post is different)

You can still see it in the Sendai area , but the most good viewing spots near
the center of Sendai can not be introduced, bc it is difficult to go anywhere without a car.
If you can NOT move by rental car or a friend's car, you should go to Yamagata City,
" : Kajo koen(Kajo park/Yamagata castle ruins)" on the JR Senzan Line.
You are able to confirm full blooming(J : mankai) on Twitter.

Location : near JR Yamagata stn(last stop of JR Senzan line), walk 10 min north.
Best train ticket : W(double) kippu (round discounted two set tickets), 1540Y
No EN ver. ticket, "kippu" means "ticket", you can buy it at regular train ticket vending machine.
BTW JR Sendai and Yamagata stn is about 70 mins by "Rapid".

And, if you really go here tomorrow, you can look down from the top of the tallest building in this area.
This building name is "Zg Kajo Central", there is no admission fee,
and if you go to the left fr ticket gate of the stn, it is connected by long passage 2F to entrance of building.
Also there is a tourist information office near the ticket gate of the stn, but it is also in this building.
There is also a large supermarket near for lunch, so it would be better to buy there just before.

Anyway, perhaps you're in bed tonight, already, this information may not be in time.
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Re: Sakura best view inTohoku 2019/4/21 05:21
Hi Nocamatt! Thank you so much for your reply. Yes! I will check Kajo park today!
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