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Revoke Guarantor 2019/4/22 23:11
My Japanese national friend has a Filipino wife and has a daughter to her first marriage. Now the daughter is long term resident and married to a Filipino national who's guarantor is the Japanese national(Stepfather). Now the guarantor dont want anything to do about the immigration thing and want to revoke him as guarantor. What will happen?
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Re: Revoke Guarantor 2019/4/23 11:00
I had to read three times to understand :)

Maybe this is better you discuss with immigration or talk with the guarantor why the withdraw.
But if the guarantor is withdrawing back there is no guarantor.
But if the guarantor is not informing immigration than I think nothing can happen since he has signed.
If the guarantor inform immigration than the application can be revoked.

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Re: Revoke Guarantor 2019/4/23 11:50
What will happen next?
Do the Filipino guy need to back to the Philippines or can he still here on Japan?
Can he have a new non relative guarantor?
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Re: Revoke Guarantor 2019/4/23 23:24
Your story background got no head nor tail.

Filipino husband, what status resident he has now? Or in the process of applying for visa/status change/renew?

Status resident not renewed, then Filipino husband must leave Japan before status expired.

My Japanese national friend and the Japanese national(Stepfather) same person ?
If not, then your Japanese can be guarantor.
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