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Resident tax 2019/4/23 13:45

I'll leaving Japan at the end of this month and I have a question about Resident Tax. How do I pay my Resident Tax. I've already assigned my friend to be my Tax representative and he will collect the 20% is deducted from the lump sum. My question is in March 2020, they will send the final residen tax bill to the address of my friend?
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Re: Resident tax 2019/4/24 00:33
When I left Japan, I went to my kuyakusho (or shiyakusho)i. e. local administration a few days before leaving to deregister officially. At that moment they gave me the tax invoices for that year and I went to a conbini and paid it.
Note that you will need to pay the full taxes for 2019. It can be a considerable amount. But that is what you are due, because remember, you didn't pay for the first year you were here.
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