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Yarisawa Camping Ground 2019/4/25 14:44
We're looking at doing the Kamikochi > Mt Yari hike in July this year.

Was trying to find out more about the Yarisawa Camping Ground, seems this is newly setup there is a lack of information on it (about 30mins from the Yarisawa Lodge). This is the first pit stop or our planned 2 day hike.

Questions on the Yarisawa Camping Ground:

1) Do we approach the Yarisawa Lodge first to pay the fee, in order to use the camping ground?
2) Do they have rental tents or do we need to carry our own?
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Re: Yarisawa Camping Ground 2019/4/25 21:53

I want to stress I am not a climber, but I also seem to love reading about climbs and climbers and researching questions.

I'm 90% sure the campground at Yari doesn't have tents to rent. There are some camping companies in Japan where you can rent tents. (I looked it up previously, but seem to have misplaced the links) The only campground in the area with fixed tents as far as I know is Konashidaira which is down in Kamikochi itself.

I also expect that yes you would pay at the lodge first to use the campground. It will probably be cash only.
Here is someone's recent hike where they talk about paying the fee at the lodge first:

I hope this helps!
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