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Japan iternery 2019/5/1 12:00
We are planning to visit Japan in the 3 rd week of May( 2 adults and 1 kid age 10 yes), we would like to cover cities like Tokyo/ Nara/ Osaka/ Mt Fuji/ Hiroshima/Kyoto) , just wondering whether we could cover these places with 7 nights stay or do we need to extend furthur. Definitely my son wants to visit Tokyo Disney Land for a day. Kindly guide us to frame the iternery and take it to next level
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Re: Japan iternery 2019/5/1 12:26
Completely unrealistic to attempt 6 locations in 7 days.

With only 7 days, Tokyo + Mt Fuji.


Osaka + Kyoto + Nara + Hiroshima. (This would still be a rush).

If you want to do all of them. Visit Japan for 14 days.
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Re: Japan iternery 2019/5/1 12:33
With 7 nightsf stay, an itinerary idea by this website would be:

Hiroshima starts appearing only when you extend it to at least 12 days:

As you will need one full day for Disney, yes, you would want two weeks for what you want to see.

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Re: Japan iternery 2019/5/1 13:04
I'm a relatively fast tourer and I admit, I don't think the Kawaguchiko area is interesting outside Fuji Q Highland or actually climbing Mt. Fuji and I only really like seeing my friend in Osaka, shopping and USJ. So... if you start in say Fukuoka and end in Tokyo with an open jaw and take advantage of Nozomi trains, I think you could maybe do it in 12 nights.

You fly into Fukuoka and take the shinkansen to Hiroshima and do 2 night there, then take a shinkansen to Kyoto and spend 4 nights there, one of the days is in Nara and you can go to Osaka that night and make a big triangle Kyoto to Nara to Osaka to Kyoto, if you had plans to go to USJ take a night from Hiroshima cause you really need a full day there, then do 1 night in Kawaguchiko and then a bus to Tokyo to end there with 5 nights and pick the least popular week day for Tokyo Disney.

Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea each need a separate day, particularly since you can't park hop unless you stay on property. If you stay on property and park hop you can do most of the parks in 1.5 days as long as you take advantage of the early 15 for both mornings. The first hour at a theme park is almost always the most productive. But I have no idea if any rooms are even available then or your budget.

Doing everything in 7 nights is impossible, even with an open jaw.

Good luck, I hope you can find rooms that can handle your family size. In many hotels in Japan, you're going to be counted as 3 adults.
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Re: Japan iternery 2019/5/1 13:56
Well, I have somewhat different opinion. Yes, 6 places in 7 nights looks too tight, but if you really want to do, there should be less rushed and more flexible ways.

I would split 7 days like, Tokyo 2 nights, Hiroshima 2 nights and Kyoto 3 nights (in this order).

Day1 arrive Tokyo. Tokyo 1
Day2 Tokyo Disneyland Tokyo 2
Day3 Move to Hiroshima (via Kawaguchiko, if the weather is fine: if not, skip Kawaguchiko) Hiroshima 1
Day4 Miyajima and Hiroshima Hiroshima 2.
Day5 Move to Kyoto (via Himeji or Osaka if you like) Kyoto 1
Day6 Day trip to Nara Kyoto 2
Day7 Full day Kyoto. Kyoto 3
Day8 Move to Tokyo. Fly home.

These days, there are many new hotels in Kyoto which is good for families, and the rooms tend to be vacant.

This is one example.
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