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hip hop clubs 2005/5/25 08:20
are there any good hip hop clubs in tokyo?
by don  

hip hop clubs in japan 2005/6/16 06:51
Hi, a friend and I are visiting japan from september 8-12, 2006. We are both hip hop/techno Djs and we wanted to know how to submit demo cds to come dj out there. I am not familiar with all of the clubs out there as well but I've heard the scene out there is very good.
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SHIBUYA 2005/6/16 10:42
I do a lot of clubin in tokyo . Shibuya and shinjuku . Im mostly trance but i go to some of the hiphop clubs . the trance music is awesome but if you been clubin in LA or NY then the hiphop is not gona be very good . But its all on what your into. Check it out this will give you ever thing you need to know on clubs in tokyo http://www.cyberjapan.tv/contents/tokyoclubguide/indexE.html

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yes! 2005/6/17 07:37
There are many. (If you can find them)
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Clubs near my hotel 2005/7/28 22:48
Just got to Tokyo and I'm staying for 3 weeks.
I'm from NYC and I'm staying at the Tokyo Hilton (shinjuku) - What hip-hop clubs are close by my hotel? and do the Trains run late?
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Some clubs in Tokyo 2005/7/29 01:53
Some of the clubs I`ve been to are:

Bed (Ikebukuro) - a good club but they have a lot of live perforamances for unknown and/or underground J-R&B, hip-hop and dance acts. This isn`t really a bad thing, but if you`re really into dancing this cuts into that.

Harlem (Shibuya) - This is a famous club because of the DJs and the infamous "no foreigner" policy, but it seems that this policy isn`t as enforced as it used to be. I`ve been there a few times. The DJs are great but the club is a bit pricey

Nuts (Shibuya) - Another famous club with famous DJs. I really like this club. It`s not as big as Harlem but I find the atmosphere to be friendlier. I go to this club often

Unity (Shibuya) a new club. A lot of famous DJs spin here on occasion.

Vuenos (Shibuya) - it`s an okay club. I`ve only been here once.

Ageha (Shin-kiba) - this club is outside Tokyo but not too hard to get too (I think there`s free bus from Shibuya that takes you there...I usually go by train from Ikebukuro) It`s a HUGE (but pricey) club that plays hip-hop, reggae, and techno in different rooms. They have famous local and international DJs here.

Nature (Roppongi) - I don`t care too much for clubs in Roppongi, but I thought this club was decent. Had good DJs and a nice atmosphere.
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Clubs 2005/7/29 07:27
Thanks Banna for the list.

Guess I'll be trying a few clubs this weekend.

Do the trains run late or is it better to take taxi?
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Underground People! 2005/10/4 10:09
I'm a university student, studying in Tokyo from Leeds, England. Hiphop is my main genre of music and like to dabble in a bit of Drum 'n' Bass too. Few questions for this forum:

Firstly, I am sick (as i'm sure a lot are) of this wave of fake gangsta hiphop that seems to be intesifying globally, where the criteria is bling and spinning rims: hmmmmm. I like hiphop with dynamic lyricism and wholesome production and need to find clubs around Tokyo that offer this. Just like all big cities there must be clubs that bang out the best that Hiphop has to offer. Could somebody advise me of the clubs that play great hiphop such as Jedi Mind Tricks, Big L, Tribe Called Quest, Non Phixtion, Wu Tang Family, Madvillian etc. This type of wave isn't extremely common but when places play music on this level great nights are always had. Any takers??

Secondly, when I lived in Tokyo in 1996-2000, Drum 'n' Bass had a subsatial foothold in the Dance scene, never as much as Trance or Hard House but places still put out Blackmarket, LTJ Bukem etc.. what's the D & B scene like these days???

Lastly, back to the Hiphop branch, do people follow British Hiphop in Tokyo? Britain's Hiphop scene has yet to be whole-heartedly discovered (probably what makes it great) and I would like to put a night on in Tokyo for the scene to hear, I guarantee if the right people hear, they will love!! Any thoughts??

Appreciate any people that would like to take the time to answer my questions, and apologies for the lengthy post, music is my life and as i'm here for 10 months it would be great to get some integral Hiphop in this phat city!! Cheers
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Doog 2005/10/5 08:25
Hey u sound cool, are u still in Tokyo? I am from London, into Hip Hop like drum and bass and a lil jungle, hate all that Urban, G-Unit nonsense.What's good in Tokyo? I wanna head out there soon.
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Hey Chica.. 2005/10/5 18:43
Never really do this forum thing and took a chance!! Thanks for your reply: Yeah i'm in Tokyo, i'll be here for 10 months, and live about 30 mins from Shinjuku. Went out in Shibuya last night and the hiphop was flowing and actually quite good, DJ Krush featured heavily as expected. Come to Tokyo!! I'm sure there is something for everyone including Jungle heads which I from time to time am! Do ou know the scene in Tokyo at all? Are you in Japan?
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Yo Doog 2005/10/9 00:09
Not in Tokyo now still in London. Want to head out this year. I don't know too much about the scene, just vaguely. It is a cool place. Are you a DJ there? Well there's lots I need to know about Japan, not just the tourist stuff but all the mucis and club scene. Cool.
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Found? 2005/12/7 14:19
hey doog n chica
i like the direction you guys are headed, do either of you guys know stealth mag? its a sydney (AUS) based mag covering the above mentioned hiphop (including uk :) stealthmag.com anyway im living in futtsu down chiba south and im STARVED of hiphop :( i was pretty involved back in syd but since being in japan my cd's have been all that ive got :(
do you know any web links of places with "good" info?
im also really keen to find some non flossy japanese hiphop, got any names that i should check out?
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Yo 2005/12/13 03:58
Hey 'Random' I don't know whats good in Tokyo yet, do you know of any good hiphop club in Tokyo? Whats good for New Years?
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hey 2006/2/14 10:29
Hi, I will be in Tokyo April 4-14 and I really want to meet some people who could show me the hip hop scene and the clubs in Tokyo. I am into most hip hop but mainly stuff like Gang Starr/DJ Premier and all that real stuff. I am 19 and I will be on my own by the way. Club Harlem looked alright, but the no foreigner policy sucks. Talk about racist.
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Drum & Bass in Tokyo 2006/3/25 01:20
Hi I'm going to be out in Tokyo from the 22nd May 2006 for about a week and really want to know about any good liquid drum and bass clubs. Makoto LTJ Bukem, that sort of thing. Please help!!
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Be In Tokyo 2006/3/30 04:04
I will coming to Tokyo soon from Texas and I am looking for some good hip hop clubs. I looked at the list, but I'm also looking for accessibility. Do most of the clubs have buses that go to them?
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Come and DJ in Japan. 2006/4/7 19:19
I'm a Hip-Hop/dance DJ turned producer living in south Japan and am calling out to DJ's/producers/musicians with ambition, like DJ hoody who expressed an interest on this forum, to drop me a mail and we'll see what we can arrange. Talented people with focus only please.
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what's up 2006/4/17 12:47
I'm also a DJ living in California. I want to move to Japan, but it seems hard to make it out there. i spin mostly progressive house and trance.
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Ok. 2006/4/17 13:00
What clubs do you spin at or which ones do you go to frequently. I do have a few connections depending on where your going in Japan, but its not as hard as California to get into the business. House and trance are steadily rising here, and from what I have seen from a lot of the local talent, if your below my level or even better than me, not saying im great or anything, but you should have no problem getting into the business.
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HELLO 2006/5/15 11:26
I am from London (born and raised) Living in Chicago and will be in Tokyo in December, are there any people from London or the USA that will be a tour guide or give tips on how to get around and where and whats good? I can be contacted on novafoster@yahoo
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