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Specific Rail pass 2019/5/2 17:35
Hi there,

I will be going to Japan for the RWC and hoping you can provide me insights on a specific 7-day Rail Pass which covers the following cities: Kumagawa, Shizuoka, Yokohama and Disney Sea

Thank you.
by ColinJR  

Re: Specific Rail pass 2019/5/2 18:30
Shizuoka is the only long distance travel you will do. And not rail pass will pay for itself for Tokyo to Shizuoka and back.

No rail pass needed. Just get an IC card for you local travels around Tokyo. And one way tickets for your Shizuoka leg.
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Re: Specific Rail pass 2019/5/5 08:06
I agree a rail pass is not required - short distance stuff.

Note that you have destinations in two different JR areas (JR East and JR Central) so the only pass that covers those destinations is the national pass at Y29,110 for seven days.
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