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Yakushima hiking 2019/5/2 22:36
I am trying to save money by not renting a car in Yakushima and need advice how to maximise my itinerary. We are visiting in Mid May.
Day 1 : Arrive speedboat at 9.45am. I read that we can leave our bags at the Miyanoura Port information counter and catch the 10.20am bus to Shiratani Unsuikyo for the long hike to Takoiwa Rock and return with the last bus at 4.10pm to go back to the Port to collect our bags.
Is the timing very tight for our trail? Or should we do the Yakusagi Land except the problem is that it starts at Ando and we land at Miyanoura Port.

Day 2 : Take the first bus from Minshuku at Miyonaura to Ando then to Yakusagi Land for the long trail. Is the long trail very tiring as we might be too tired after the first day.

For day 1 and 2, do we need to bus the day pass if we are just doing the Shiratani trail and Yakusagi trail?

Day 3 : Rent a car at Yakushima for a day
Isso beach, Inakahama Beach, Nagata town, Seibu Rindo forest and Yoggo gorge/Yokogawa gorge, Ohkonotaki waterfall, Hirauchikaichu Hot spring, Ryujinno taki falls, Torohki falls.

Day 4 : Take the pm ferry back to Kagoshima.

At first, I plan to stay 5 days but I figured we do not have the stamina to do so many hikes, what else can we do if we stay another day/
Please help! Thanks!
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Re: Yakushima hiking 2019/5/3 21:05
I'm not sure if you're able to make the hikes as it's depending on your speed and stamnia but be aware that the weather in Yakushima can delay (or potentially) cancel the ferry and it may be not possible to hike due to rain.

Regardless I would recommend to rent a car for all days as you're not dependent on Bus departure times and could explore different / remote locations if you've enough time.
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Re: Yakushima hiking 2019/5/4 00:22
The shortest trip I've done is to:

Day 1) take the first ferry in the morning from Kagoshima, make my way to Yakusugilando, spend the night at the mountain hut just beyond Yakusugilando with 10 or more loud snoring hikers,

Day 2) up early to get near the summit of Miyanoura-dake, set up camp in the middle of a lot of boulders, spent that night there in a very loud thunderstorm,

Day 3) up early and made the summit and then returned all the way back to the port of Miyanoura, and took the ferry to Tanegashima.

I don't think we could have done it much faster.
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Re: Yakushima hiking 2019/5/4 15:46

Encountering rain is almost a certainty in this island of paradise; a three hour hike could easily turn to six.
We spent 4 days, managed only to do 2 hikes and a day driving around the island.
I highly recommend Yes Yakushima for any advice about the island:
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