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Kawaguchiko station to Gotemba luggage 2019/5/3 09:12
Hi all,

I will be travelling from Kawaguchiko station to Gotemba by Fujikyu bus. Can I please know:

1) I will have a big luggage (82cm x 54cm x 34cm). Is this going to be a problem?
2) Is Gotemba outlet going to open on 31 December or 1 January 2020?

Many thanks!
by shoopshoop23  

Re: Kawaguchiko station to Gotemba luggage 2019/5/3 19:54
hello .

the 1st quesiton, there're 2 kinds of buses, and for fisrt link I guess it is no problem becase there is luggage space on the bottom of bus, and for 2nd link you should contact beforehand.

the 2nd quesiton:

the official website says only Once a year, on the third Thursday in February is closed.
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