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Rokkosan Tourist Pass 2019/5/3 15:25
Hello, where can I get the Rokkosan Tourist Pass? Ifm not planning to book online or via Klook or KKday agencies. Instead, I would like to buy on the spot pass. Any places there can I just walk in to buy the pass? The reason Ifm not buying in advance because Mount Rokko is not in my itinerary but Ifm considering it if I have more time to spend. Thank you very much in advance.
by Rohaida Roy (guest)  

Re: Rokkosan Tourist Pass 2019/5/3 23:03

you can see the bottom of the website . there are 9 places you can buy including Kyoto , Osaka and Kansai airport.

have a nice travel!
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Re: Rokkosan Tourist Pass 2019/5/3 23:56
All right, Mr Keisuke. Thank you so much for your help 👍
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