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Trip to Kamikochi 2019/5/3 21:57
I plan to go to Kamikochi by bus from Takayama in October 2019. My quoestions are
1. Do I have to transfer bus at Hirayu Onsen to Kamikochi?
2. Is the first bus from Takayama on 07:00 am or 07:40 am? (I have diferrent information from 2 websites)
3. From Kamikochi, I plan to go to Matsumoto.
Do I take a bus from Kamikochi bus terminal or Hirayu onsen bus terminal?

Thank you

by Kwan (guest)  

Re: Trip to Kamikochi 2019/5/4 17:20
Hi, I have only done the trip from Kamikochi to Takayama, and yes, you transfer at Hirayu onsen, and you catch the bus to Matsumoto from Kamikochi.

October is an awesome time to do that trip because the autumn leaves are likely to be out. We did the trip at the end of October, beginning of November last year and it was peak in Takayama, past peak (brown) in Kamikochi though there was plenty of colour on the way from Matsumoto to Kamikochi as well. Kamikochi will be very cold, there were flurries when we were there.
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Re: Trip to Kamikochi 2019/5/4 19:18
Thank you Lazy Pious.
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