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Calling NTT toll free 0120 service in Japan 2019/5/4 11:21
I travel to Japan a few times a year to visit family and friends. I will have to go back sooner than expected so I will be working remotely while in Japan. My (US) company has a NTT 0120 toll free number that I can use when in Japan to call into teleconferences, etc.

I've read that one cannot call 0120 numbers with a cell phone, and a landline is required. (Is this true?) If I use a residential landline (of a family member in Tokyo) will they have to pay any fees? The 0120 number is supposed to be receiver-paid calls under NTT's free dial service, so I would assume that they would not pay any fees but I just wanted to be sure.

Also, if I call from a hotel, would there be any access fees to use the 0120 toll free number? I would assume there would be, but just wanted to be sure.

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Re: Calling NTT toll free 0120 service in Japan 2019/5/4 19:02
You had better ask your company and hotel.

Accessibility to 0120 phone numbers vary by numbers;
it depends on the particular contract
(between your company and NTT for your case).

Also some non-NTT service providers use 0120.
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